Need community support to accomplish:

  • Engagement & communication / ambassadors for the mission

  • Advocacy for public policy

  • Speaking gigs (both getting engagements & doing the actual speaking)

  • Raising money

  • Advising on programs / helping with organizational planning

  • Having high profile names associated with the organization for credibility

  • Providing pro bono work to assist with other staff-driven needs



Confidential, Open minded problem solvers. We want to bring ALL advisors and advocates and ambassadors together once a year to energize and inspire each other and solve industry problems.


Solicit input for the agenda, and distribute important information ahead of time. Run the session as you would any professional meeting, and follow it with an action plan. The facilitator should know which experts to draw out and how to stimulate a dialogue. He or she should be result-oriented, as ideas without action aren't worth much. The minutes should be written up and circulated to top management. The notes should include recommendations on key issues. 



  • "Identifying upcoming political, legislative and regulatory developments"

  • “We need 10 well-connected people who can make phone calls when an issue comes before the legislature.”

  • “We need several strategic thinkers to help us plan a new program from research to implementation”

  • “We know you have limited time. Would you be willing to commit to helping us with fundraising for a year?”



Policies, Meetings, Minutes, 1 year terms, renewable, 



will expose them to ideas and perspectives they may have otherwise missed. It will also expand their own networks and provide them with a way of giving back. 


  • The interests of science. engaged in research and development involving hospitality, and it has attracted the interests of advisory board members who are engaged in similar research around the world.

  • Members have served for the prestige, camaraderie and personal networking benefits that are involved.

  • Have served on the basis of having the costs associated with meetings (which are sometimes in interesting locations or held in conjunction with other scientific conferences) discounted by the company.

  • Have sometimes been retained as consultants, so that they, or research establishments with which they are associated, obtain direct financial reward from activities.


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