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Marijuana, Hemp & Soil

Waste Recycling


The recreational and adult-use cannabis industry have to recycle the tons of marijuana/ hemp waste, paper and plastic that marijuana growers, extractors, dispensaries and consumers go through annually.

As the decriminalization of marijuana continues to happen around the world, it’s important to plan for recycling your cannabis, edible, extract processing, dispensary, or test facility waste. Not only to become greener, but to successfully meet cannabis waste disposal regulations in 2018.

  • § 5054. Destruction of Cannabis Products Prior to Disposal

  • §5055. Cannabis Waste Management

Sustainability will allow the industry to legally and safely move forward.


HempCycle helps cultivation operations in their marijuana/ hemp waste disposal procedures by adhering to the state’s waste compliance regulations, and safety & legal guidelines.

HempCycle provides a safe method of processing, collection, transport for all green waste and soil. We provide products to facilitate on-site cannabis-waste processing, and transport to off-site disposal services.

HempCycle can provide retailers standard recycling bins, to encourage consumers to dispose packaging in.

HempCycle is working on paper repurposed out of cannabis or hemp that can help replace tree-based paper and plastics for use in cannabis packaging.



  • EMERGENCY Cannabis Waste Processing

  • ON-SITE Cannabis Waste Processing 

  • OFF-SITE Cannabis Waste Processing

  • ONE-TIME Cannabis Waste Processing

  • HAULING Cannabis Waste

  • HAULING Cannabis Soil


  • 10 to 20-Day Efficiency to Organic Biopulp

  • Conserve Water

  • Phytotoxic, weed-killing effects

  • Reduced time associated with regulated cannabis waste disposal

  • Reduced costs associated with regulated cannabis waste disposal


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